Squad Leader Guide to Teamspeak


If you think you may end up being a Team Commander (TC) or Squad Leader (SL) for a Tactical Event (TE), there are several things you need to be prepared to do. Please read this document so you know how to ask for Channel Admin status and are able to setup your TeamSpeak client for the event.

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  1. Checklist
  2. Channel Admin/Channel Commanders
  3. Emergency Help Whisper Setup
  4. Team's Channel Commander Whisper Setup
  5. Your Channel Commander Setup
  6. Your Channel Commander Toggle Setup

1. Checklist

  1. You have been granted Channel Admin status for your team's channel. (stp/dst, does CA status automatically give you access the entire channel tree, including all subchannels, even if CA status was given while in a subchannel?)
  2. You have toggled on Channel Commander.
  3. You have set up a whisper to "All Channel Commanders in Channel Family".
  4. You have set up an emergency whisper to "All Channel Commanders".
  5. You have set up Channel Commander toggle keybinding, if desired.
  6. You have added squad members to your Battlefield buddylist and removed other buddies. (This is for BF1942 not TeamSpeak)

2. Channel Admin/Channel Commanders

We use the Teamspeak "Channel Commander" feature to communicate along the command structure for our Tactical Events. Team Commanders and Squad Leaders are able to talk among themselves without anyone else hearing the conversion and without having to be in the same TeamSpeak channel.

The Master of Ceremonies (MC) of the event will grant Channel Admin rights to all TCs and SLs. This allows the TC or SL to mark himself as a channel commander. Please see section 5 on how to do this. By use of a specialized whisper, explained in Section 4, the various leaders are able to talk to other leaders on their team who have marked themselves as Channel Commanders.

If you become a TC or SL in the middle of a Tactical Event, please use the method in Section 3 to contact the MC if the MC has not granted you Channel Admin rights so you too can be a Channel Commander.

3. Emergency Help Whisper Setup

Be fore warned, abuse of this knowledge will get you banned from teamspeak and possibly the DontCamp servers.

If you have become an SL or TC during a Tactical Event and have not been contacted by the MC to set you up as a Channel Admin, please use the follwing whisper to contact the MC.

When you use the whisper, please say "Help", then state your name and team and "No channel admin status". Then wait a reasonable amount of time before repeating the same message.

Below shows the recommended whisper setup. By pressing the right CRTL key on your keyboard, you broadcast you message to all Channel Commanders, even the enemy team. This allows all leaders in the game to know a problem has occured. The MC or someone who is aiding the MC should be delegated the job of helping you complete your setup.

This shows you how to set up the keybindings. First go to the Settings menu option of teamspeak and select Keysettings.

This brings up the Keybindings Dialog box. Choose add ( or edit in some cases ) and add the keybinding setting as shown below. Notice to use the "Set" button to set the keybinding to the right CTRL key, and select the right options for Action.

4. Team's Channel Commander Whisper Setup

The main mode of squad leader communication is via channel commander whispers, but you only want to whispher to your side's leaders. Here is a sample keybinding setup.

To create your whisper, please go to the Settings menu option of Teamspeak.

Hopefully you can figure out what to do from the picture below, more dialog will be available in a later draft.

5. Your Channel Commander Setup

Before you can make yourself a channel commander, you must first ask the MC to give you channel admin status. This is what your "Self" menu looks like without being able to become a Channel Commander:

This is what your "Self" menu in teamspeak will look like once you have channel admin access. By selecting Channel Commander with you mouse, you can toggle the Channel Commander on and off.

Your normal green circle next to your Teamspeak name is red when Channel Commander is on.

6. Your Channel Commander Toggle Setup

If you get switched from one squad to another, you Channel Commander option defaults to off, a quick way to turn it back on is to set up a toggle switch.

Here is a sample setup for the Toggle Keybinding:

This is the settings used for the above Toggle Keybinding: